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24.Dezember 2009
Merry Christmas!
And since no one can say it better than Charles Dickens' Tiny Tim: "God bless Us, Every One!"
The pups already had their big Christmas adventure yesterday: the great outdoors for the very first time! And it had to be snow of all things...
Foto: - Th. Eckhoff
16.November 2009
The Stagfield Gamekeeper's A-litter is born. Fia gave birth to eleven (!) healthy pups. There are 3 liver males, and both 4 liver and 4 black girls.
Photo: - Th. Eckhoff
09. Oktober 2009
We are able to detect 9 embryos during the ultrasound screening!
Photo: - Th. Eckhoff
21. September 2009
We are back from a gorgeous indian-summer-short-trip to Sweden. Fia was mated to Aristocurl's Black Label. Our journey was chock full of interesting encounters, impressions and dog-discussions...
Foto: K. Kratzberg
16. September 2009
After plenty of last minute organisation and extensive help, both from Sweden and Germany (thank you so much again!) we're off to Stockholm.
04. September 2009
Fia comes into season about two months „early“ (great timing indeed, as it is the Friday before a long awaited working test...)
15. August 2009
Working Test „Ab in den Norden“
We have a fun day, Fia solves all the tasks quite well and even manages to relax inbetween. In the end 'quite well' actually meant that we got 1. Place (out of 42 competitors, 95/100 Points, excellent), that basically floored me ;o) Even better: Fia was also awarded Judges' Choice (yes, I could not be prouder of the monkey girl!)
Photo: - Th. Eckhoff
09. August 2009
As the first Curly team ever we entered a RGP – Retrievergebrauchsprüfung. Fia worked very consistently during this two day masterclass hunting exam and in the end we managed to take 1. Place again!
Photo: - Th. Eckhoff
25. Juli 2009
Fia manages to pass the Vereinsschweißprüfung (24 hour, 1000meters bloodtracking test) with flying colours and takes first place and first prize!
Photo: - Th. Eckhoff
27. Juni 2009
Thüringer Working Test
We pass with 84/100 points, very good. Not bad, since this is only our second start on the intermediate level and this result already qualifies us for the open class.
Photo: - Th. Eckhoff
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